Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post-Snow Commute

Since the snow has drama has been over for almost a week now, it only makes sense that everything is still slow, right? I mean, how much can we expect from a city that can’t function at the slightest mention of flurries?

Right here is where I have to remind you that my commute is not easy. In order to get to or from school, I have to take a bus, a train, AND a shuttle. When I have night classes it can be more difficult to get home since the city seems to think that the trains should run every 10-15 minutes after 7:00pm and as for the buses… well, they’ll run whenever the hell they feel like it. Combine that with the snow-as-a-snail metro and you can see that we’re all headed for disaster.

So there I am at school, patiently waiting for my SECOND shuttle because the first one had too many people for me to squeeze on. I kid you not; it took an hour from the time that class got out until I was at the metro station, a mere two miles away. And yes, I’m aware that I could have walked. But it was dark and all the sidewalks were covered with snow. Not to mention that DC drivers are some of the worst I’ve seen in my entire life. Enough said.

Due to wanting to stay alive, I was at the metro at a time that I should have been on the bus to get home. I had to wait ten minutes for the next train, then about another twenty minutes for it to get to my stop. By this time, it’s 8:00pm and I’m getting cranky. And because the night wasn’t quite crappy enough, the Transportation Gods chose to slow down the bus, leaving me to stand outside in the freezing cold for a half hour.

It took another half hour to get home and by the time I walked in my front door, I was in tears. Mark had dinner for me and being the awesome boyfriend he is, greeted me with a hug a warm dinner. It was just what I needed to make me forget about my metro woes…

Until tonight. 

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