Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prepping for Snowmageddon Part II

Everything is a little crazy in DC because the weather people are predicting a monstrous winter storm to hit this weekend. The estimated snow prediction is anywhere from 12-20 inches. Not only does this set people into a frenzy because their city is no way, shape, or form prepared to handle snow, but their survival skills kick in and they wipe the shelves clean of all groceries.

In response to this snow-craze, I did my part and ordered my peapod groceries today. At first, the weather people wouldn’t even SAY how much snow we were going to get. It was all, we can’t say for sure, but if everything lines up just right, there will be a heavy amount of snow. Nothing makes people freak out more than not knowing what’s going to happen. When Snowmageddon Part I hit, I had planned wisely and gotten our groceries delivered earlier that night. But I decided that since we were going to be snowed in, I wanted to do my holiday baking. I dragged Mark over to Safeway and you would not have believed how many people were there, carts full of whatever was left on the shelves.

This time I’m sparing no expense. On my list of groceries? Cat food and litter. Because what if we got stuck here for a few days and the animals didn’t have food? Or God forbid we run out of cat litter! It would be insanity! I was a bit worried this morning because I didn’t know if peapod would be all booked up for Friday morning. But luckily I was able to secure a spot and (fingers crossed) we should have enough food to survive the storm. I’m going to attempt to post pictures of what’s going on outside my place so y’all can see how the storm progresses, so make sure to come back this weekend!  

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