Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick of Snow Days

I never thought it would happen. All I wanted was ONE snow day. Ok, maybe I really wanted TWO snow days. Just something to give me a little break from school and work. In no way, shape, or form was I prepared to have almost an entire WEEK off school! I was able to make it to work on Monday but even that was dangerous so I’ve been home for the remainder of the week.

There’s now a bit of cabin fever going around in our apartment. Mark and I are driving each other crazy and Jade is thrilled because she thinks that mommy and daddy are home all day just to play with her. And to be honest, all the snow days are giving me anxiety. You see, so far, my university hasn’t extended our semester. There was an emergency preparedness plan in place so that if H1N1 hit the campus, classes could continue over the internet. During our unforeseen snow break, professors have been encouraged to keep the students up to date on assignments and scheduling. Way to ruin my snow break, school! Anxiety-ridden, I keep thinking about all the work I’m going to have upon returning to classes.

And you’d think that with all this time, my apartment would be spotless. Not so much. I’ve been on the couch for the last three days, watching every bit of crappy programming that television offers. It’s not just about procrastination; it’s a serious lack of capability when it comes to getting my shit together. I know the reasons for this and I’m working on correcting them, but in the meantime I let my apartment slide. My cleaners come tomorrow (hopefully!) and I always feel less stressed when everything is in its place. It’s just easier to get work done and not be a slacker when your belongings are clean and organized.

The one productive thing that I managed to begin is a recipe binder. I’m always hanging on to old magazines and some of them have some recipes that I’d like to try. I was able to go through a good amount of the magazines and tear out all the recipes that look good and categorize them in a binder. Plus, I found some awesome baked goods recipes that look easy enough for me to attempt. One of these next few days, I’ll start posting recipes again.

Lesson that was learned from snow days: be productive everyday. It lessons my anxiety. 

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