Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally... Productivity!

I’m going to take a minute here to tell you that I’m overcome with joy about getting crap done today. I think did more homework today than I did all of last semester. I was even surprised to learn that the readings are interesting! My normal weekends are spent zoned out in front of out big-screen, but not today! Today I got up (mind you, it was at 11:30, but I still got up!) and bulldozed through my week’s work. I got through a good amount of the readings, a journal entry, part of a book, and even part of a questionnaire that needs to be completed for Thursday. Did you see that?! THURSDAY, people. Today is SUNDAY and I’m preparing for things that aren’t even happening until the end of the week! I even got some non-school stuff done, which is even more incredible. I’m praying that today wasn’t some weird fluke, that someone didn’t slip me an Adderall as a cruel joke and that by tomorrow I’ll be back to my procrastinator ways. Please let this be some inspiration to get me on a roll for the rest of this semester… It felt so good to be productive! 

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