Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Cats, One Dog, and an Apartment

I've already discussed Oscar at length and it's only fair that now I give you a glimpse into all the pets that I own. Besides Oscar, there is our second cat Daisy May (DM for short) and our Australian Cattle Dog, Jade. They make this apartment absolutely insane, chaotic, and hairy, but I love them anyway.

Daisy May is an orphan that I raised since the day she was born, along with her two siblings. I adopted the other two out to great homes and then decided to keep her for myself. She’s almost three now and at times is the strangest cat you’ll ever want to meet. DM hasn’t realized that she is a cat yet and I’m sure it will come as a shock one day. She’s quite destructive and all the doorways in our apartment are proof. Mark can’t stand her (or so he claims-I’ve seen him snuggle her) but she’s my baby.

And as for Jade… Well, have you ever met an ACD? They are CRAZY! She’s extremely energetic and has a bark that makes you want to hate her. You think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. But you can’t hate her because she’s adorable and loves just about everyone. Except DM. More on that later. Mark got her when she was a puppy and she’s taken to me with extreme affection. She is a protector, food-stealer, and champion cat chaser. Jade is also VERY well trained except if there is chocolate within snout’s reach.

I’m taking the time to put up a short post about them because in the future you’ll be hearing more about my life, and some parts will involve them and the craziness…er…happiness that they provide.

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