Saturday, January 23, 2010


I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will change your life. Peapod. Yes, the service that delivers your groceries. Since we don’t have a car and there was an unfortunate incident with our grocery cart, we use Peapod to get our groceries every couple weeks. You have no idea whatsoever how many countless hours this wonderful website saves me every month. First of all, you’re able to compare prices and see what’s on sale, all on one page. And in the side column it shows you all the groceries that are in your virtual cart, as well as the total amount you’ve spent so far. Plus, if you’re trying out recipes from online, all you have to do is open another tab and click back and forth. SO EASY! And you can shop from home! In your pajamas!

I also find that Peapod helps me spend less because I don’t impulse buy. I’m usually able to plan well enough that the groceries last for two weeks. I think that’s pretty damn good, especially because I can normally do it for about $150. Oh, and that amount includes not only dinners, but breakfasts and lunches too. One of the best parts is that they normally offer you a great incentive for your first order. If you’re looking to save some time in your life, you need to try it. Once you try it, let me know how much you love it! 

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  1. phooey! They aren't available in my area. :( It sounds like such an awesome service though. I'll have to look for others like it around here. Thanks for the idea!