Friday, January 8, 2010

Wanted: Cleaners

Go ahead, judge me. I have cleaners. They came with the apartment. A team of 6 or 7 women come into our place and it’s like a cleaning tornado. In 45 minutes all the dishes are clean/ put away, our sheets have been changed, and the surfaces are shiny again. And they’ve been gone for WEEKS because they get a break over the holidays. WHO GETS A BREAK OVER THE HOLIDAYS? Just kidding.

Because of their extended absence, today was supposed to be our own “cleaning day” until the cleaners come back to us next Friday. It didn’t get off to the most productive start, being that I slept until after noon and then lolled around in my pajamas for another hour and a half. Yeah, I know. SLACKER.

Now remember, we have two cats and a dog, so you can imagine the kind of shedding that occurs on a regular basis. And in order to vacuum, Jade has to be put in her crate. She LOATHES the vacuum. She will run up to it and start attacking it even if it’s not in use. I start vacuuming and Jade is in the other room barking so intensely that you’d think an intruder was attacking us. We’re lucky that our neighbors didn’t call the police. The only successful thing that got cleaned (besides what got vacuumed) was the bathroom, which I made Mark tackle.

Today’s procrastinating means that tomorrow is the new cleaning day. Yeah, right. I need my cleaners back.

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