Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oscar, aka "Cone"

Our poor cone-kitty. In short, the vet still doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. His eye started to improve a few days ago but now it’s back to looking all gross. We refuse to take him back to the vet we’ve been seeing, because we feel like she’s ripping us off and not fixing the problem. Instead, we’re going to call the low-cost clinic and make an appointment with them. I’m not sure if they have specialists they work with, but it’ll cost a hell of a lot less to take him to the low-cost clinic for a second opinion than to see the kitty ophthalmologist. Paying full-price for a specialist is a LAST resort!

But in the meantime, I feel so guilty for keeping his cone on. I know that we can’t take it off or else he’ll scratch it out, but he looks so pitiful when he bumps in to everything. Please keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have to take his eye out!

Oh, and one last note: The letter that I posted to my neighbors yesterday will never actually be sent to them. It was more for my own emotional release. I just thought you all might enjoy seeing how petty people can be. 

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