Sunday, January 3, 2010


Tomorrow is a big day for a couple of us in this household. Though to be honest, I consider most days big days because a) I got out of my pajamas, b) I showered, and c) I'm dramatic like that.

I have my second appointment with an allergist (after a few months of wicked asthma attacks), this time to get a series of 40 injections that should pinpoint my allergies. I know, doesn't it sound like fun? Not. I hate needles and the thought of getting 40 shots IN A ROW has me a bit freaked out. I cried getting Novocain at the dentist last week, so I can only imagine how this will unfold. I'll probably pass out, cry hysterically, or do something else equally embarrassing. I'll be sure to Tweet about my anxiety beforehand, my pain during, and my relief afterwards.

Around the same time that I'll be getting my injections, our cat Oscar will be going to the vet for the third time in the past four weeks. He developed what we assumed was an eye infection so we took him to the vet where we paid a large sum of money to get the official diagnosis of an eye infection along with some drops. Two weeks later he was still winking so he went BACK to the vet and got a different diagnosis. This time it was a scratched eye, and we had to pay an even greater amount to get more medication. This means that for the past four weeks we've been putting some kind of medication in Oscar's eye twice a day, everyday. He's STILL not better and to make matters worse he's been wearing a cone since last Monday. We've taken to calling him "Cone Kitty" and you can smell his cone coming from across the apartment. The poor thing can't even get in and out of his litter box without causing a scene. Oh, and the dog keeps chasing him like he's some sort of alien.

I hope that everything goes well for both of us and that there are no more needles, medications, or cones in our near future.

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