Friday, January 22, 2010

Pizza Night

A few days ago, Mark and I came home to a pizza brochure stuffed in our mail slot. It’s a place we used to order from all the time before Mark lost his job. It’s pretty good, and only pretty good because that’s the best you’ll get in DC. These people have NO idea what real pizza is, and since we’re from Chicago, of course we consider ourselves to be experts (or snobs. Whatever). Mark commented that pizza would be really great for dinner and I agreed. The only problem was that we couldn’t afford to spend $15 on one night’s meal. That much normally lasts us 3, maybe 4 nights if we play our cards right.

Well, remember when I was complaining last week about how my allergist bill was $80? I told my mom about it and she offered to pay for it. I told her no, that I was a grown up now, and that I could pay it. It would suck to lose that kind of money, but I told her I would do it but that I’d ask her for money if I really needed it.  A couple days ago I got a card in the mail (I know, something good!) from my mom. Inside was a sweet card about what a bumpy road life can be, and inside the card was a check. She included a little extra and instructed that I MUST use it for something fun. I emailed her the next day to thank her and explained about the pizza brochure incident and how depressed we were that we couldn’t even afford order a pizza. I promised that I would use the extra money to get us some pizza for an end of the week treat.

You have no idea how much being able to buy an artichoke, garlic, and feta pizza cheered us up. I really have the best mom in the whole world. Thanks mom, I love you! 

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